Solace is an 18+ heavy roleplay Sith guild on the Ebon Hawk RP server. Our guild RP commonly contains darker elements as would be expected from a Sith guild, though we are story-focused first and foremost. You won’t find “torture porn” or random sleaze here—just quality, gritty, serious RP.

We are a lore-focused guild and believe in adhering to the game’s canon wherever possible. We specifically focus on the intrigue of both covert operations and diplomacy with an assortment of groups, utilizing a robust assortment of hooks and roleplay activities to provide an immersive experience for all involved.

We provide a platform where both Sith and non-Sith can rise to prominence and shine, as we encourage interaction between all members on a social and professional level.

The crew of the Solace, assembled under Operation Blind Phantom, is a collective of Sith appointed by Empress Acina to undertake a litany of tasks in the effort of ensuring the survival of the Sith Empire. The organization has its origins set in an amalgamation of several other military endeavors that predate the Zakuul invasion of known space. The purpose of Blind Phantom is to act overtly as a diplomatic alliance building operation, while covertly ensuring that the Empire’s sovereignty and power remain consolidated.

The current head of the operation is the Overlord, Darth Vexos. Hailed as a war hero by the Empire, Vexos served with distinction for years under the Dark Council and Darth Marr himself. An assortment of handpicked Sith and operatives accompany Vexos, acting as coordinators in order to ensure that the operation runs as smoothly as possible.

The Solace herself operates as the standard base of operations for Blind Phantom, acting as an epicenter for the different assets the operation possesses. It is not unusual to find criminals, pirates, Sith, and Mandalorians mingling on several decks, creating an unusual atmosphere of comradery and strange bedfellows.

Regardless of all these aspects, every secret alliance, purchased asset, and underground deal is orchestrated for one purpose: to fuel the influence of the Sith and ensure their place in the galaxy…

We provide an OOCly friendly and helpful environment for people to create their own stories based around an Imperial operation and the people who partake in it. Each of our members is ICly valued and will have a specific role to play within the organization.

There is room for character advancement within our guild and we are willing to work with you to progress your character in a way that will be enjoyable for everyone involved.

We define heavy RP as a setting where RP takes place on a daily basis, though not all members are required to RP that often. Freeform RP is our focus and proactive RPers are a necessity. We regularly convene as a guild in certain locations for daily RP, but you are also strongly encouraged to RP wherever and whenever you wish! Our guild is not heavily GM or event based—instead every member is expected to help create RP collaboratively with the rest of the guild.

We have a very strict no drama policy. We try to keep guild chat a stress-free and welcoming place at all times.

We believe IC actions equal IC consequences and that the most important aspect of RP is upholding the line between IC and OOC.

There are a few important things to note about joining Solace.

The first is the majority of our internal RP is based around the intrigue and political maneuvering of a Sith organization. For this reason, it is highly recommended your character has a hook to enter the organization ICly sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out on RP.

We are big supporters of character progression in RP. So, while it’s perfectly fine to join by saying your character that has served us for several years (for example), it’s equally fine to RP out each step in your character’s journey.

For example, if your ultimate goal is to ascend the ranks of the Sith, you could RP that progression however you wished—such as going from apprentice, to Lord, to eventually being a Darth.

If you have a defined end goal for your character, the only thing we ask is patience. Many of our characters who are higher ranked in RP were played for years before getting to the point where being a Darth made IC sense. So, if you won’t be happy OOC until your character has reached a certain point, it might be best to start at that point from the beginning.

With all of that in mind, we are currently recruiting the following types of characters:

-{ Sith | An Imperial organization would not be complete without a retinue of Sith of varying ranks and abilities. Sorcerers, warriors, inquisitors, and alchemists all play important roles in how the operation is able to carry out its mission.

-{ Imperials | Loyalists, officers, ensigns, diplomats, and nobles of any variety are all important to Operation Blind Phantom. Whether it’s operating the ship or finding opportunities for the Sith Empire to expand their interests, each Imperial is expected to have a significant role.

-{ Mercenaries, Soldiers, Guards, Bounty Hunters | While these combatants generally make up the brunt of our forces, they all play vital roles. Fighters are essential to keeping peace and order on the Solace, as well as ensuring the safety of others when out on missions. Bounty Hunters are also responsible for tracking down persons of interest for the operation.

-{ Scientists | The intellectuals of the operation, scientists aid in research and development. They’re also responsible for the medical treatment of the Solace’s crew if and when it is needed.

-{ Spies and Underworld Contacts | Blind Phantom requires a litany of contacts and spies in order to carry out its mission successfully. This number can include Imperial agents, criminals, and freelance information gatherers.

-{ Slaves | Slaves play an important part in the day to day activities on board the Solace. They’re expected to perform a myriad of tasks that are considered too menial for those in the higher ranks. This could include cantina services, cleaning, and even maintenance if the slave is knowledgeable enough.

While we will always put RP first, we also PvE frequently. This means we welcome members who are interested in playing the game in addition to RPing (but if you want to do nothing but RP, you are more than welcome!).

Members are encouraged to work on leveling up, gearing, and running endgame content such as dailies, flashpoints, and crafting. We are not currently running organized guild PvE nights but would like to in the future once sufficient interest has been built.

While members are welcome to PvP, we have no plans to do organized PvP as a guild at this time.

If you are interested in joining Solace, please take a look around our guild site. You will need to join our site and then click the “Application” button to join.

Please feel free to send any of the officers any questions before applying if you’d like further information!


As of December 20th 2015, we are temporarily closed for applications.

Everyone is still welcome to RP with us and possibly RP your way into the guild, but we will not be accepting normal applications for a bit.

Thanks everyone!

After restructuring the guild to be Sith-focused once again, we are back open for applications.

We have a guild ship and are better than ever!

Thank you for your patience and feel free to apply!
Gresk'otiou'sen Pilot Officer Raef Reannage Reporting for duty.

Applications are OPEN!

Beltane a posted Sep 28, 13
After a Summer halt on recruitment due to the business of the officers, recruitment is open again!

We have restructured the guild somewhat and in our opinion it is now better than ever.

Please feel free to catch up on guild changes and then apply
Collective isn't going anywhere, but since the officers and most of the guild core have been busy with other things this summer, we are not currently accepting new members. Sorry for any inconvenience!

It's time to move on...

Lelith a posted Apr 1, 13 a different game!

Hey everyone! On behalf of the guild leadership, I'm excited to announce that we will be switching our RP focus to Diablo 3. For a while now, we've been scouring the Internet for a suitable place that fits our RP style of "RP as you fight" and have determined that not only does Diablo 3 provide such a medium, but that the game is also great for being able to earn IRL money via the RMAH.

We encourage everyone to join us! We should make it clear that recruitment only has one slot open, and that that slot is a female barbarian. Apply now via a PM telling us why you'd make the best female barbarian!

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